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Christian Ratings on Entertainment
Christians must be aware that many of the movies, television shows and music that they are allowing themselves to be exposed to are, from a Christian perspective, demonically influenced and strategically organized; carrying with them high and rapidly elevating levels of demonic exposure and activity which they are not only not privy to, but that is a direct contradiction to the word and will of God concerning them.

The devil is a spirit, as is God, who also operates from the realm of the supernatural. He is hopelessly and endlessly inferior to God in character, essence and personality. Because he does not have creative abilities, the devil can only operate through superficial tactics of illusion, delusion and deception. He uses underlying tools, such as television and music, to gain influence over the soul of man. His overall intent is to separate mankind from their creator, God, and prevent them from coming into their inheritance, which is ruler-ship over the kingdom of earth and eternal and everlasting fellowship in the presence of God, in earth as it is in heaven.
Christians must rely on Christian rating systems that reflect the content and extent of the law of God, as reflected in His word, the Holy Bible.
“Exposing Hidden Demonic Undertones
and Influences in Entertainment”
In Theatres January 29th