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Many believe that there is no harm in watching certain television shows and listening to certain music. They view them as entertaining and harmless. In reality, many of them are demonic weapons of warfare designed to infiltrate people's lives, especially Christian's and their offspring, at opportunistic times, current and in the future.
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Our ratings are made by a panel of Christian reviewers and based solely and strictly on the unadulterated law, of God, as recorded in the King James version of the Holy Bible. To insure the integrity of our ratings and to reiterate the nature of our divine mandate, we have pledged to boldly and diligently work and complete our assignments, without compromise, giving glory only to God.

We use the following format when writing and publishing an entertainment rating.Do you have a music, television or movie selection that you are attracted to, but as a Christian, know that you must be very selective with what you indulge in as entertainment? Let Unveiling the Truth Christian Ratings on Entertainment, help you make the Godly choices.

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