• To be a support vehicle for christians when making viewing and listening decisions.
  • To expose christians to the underlying intents and strategies of the enemy through television, movies, music and games. 
  • To help Christians make knowledgeable and responsible, Christ-like viewing and listening choices, which line up with the Word and will of God according to the Holy Bible.
  • Review and rate entertainment of all genres, christian and secular, on a scale that reflects the demonic undertones present in the entertainment piece.
  • Give a Christian perspective on the possible and probable level and weight of demonic influence and infiltration on individuals while viewing or listening to an entertainment choice.
  • To minister to the Body of Christ.
Hidden behind the walls, of much of the entertainment world, lay diabolical supernatural realms of influence over movies, television, music and video games, which Christians are biblically forbidden to view and listen to. Yet within the depths of many of their homes, offices and other entertainment venues are afixed the eyes, ears and minds of many of them, who for various reasons, are making the decisions to view certain movies and television shows, which are a direct contradiction to the word of God.
Unveiling the Truth
Christian Ratings on Entertainment
Some say its only a movie, its just entertainment, but I assure you It's Not Just Entertainment, It's Demonic.
“Exposing Hidden Demonic Undertones and Influences in Entertainment”